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Services and Solutions

  • Group Benefits Consultation
  • Pension Consulting
  • Executive Compensation and Wealth Management
  • Insurance Planning 
  • Personal Insurance Solutions
  • People Connect: Mental Health
  • Big Company Advantage™

Group Benefits Consultation


Health and Dental Plans are the cornerstone of Group Benefits, but there's more than just prescription coverage to consider. We work with you to determine the best benefits that fit with your company's vision, and help find ways to keep them sustainable – ensuring that your group benefits plan is always working for you including:

  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Review/audit of existing programs and plans
  • Analysis and Negotiation of annual benefit plan renewals with insurers
  • Provider Selection
  • Benefit Audits
  • Health Status Audits
  • Disability Claims
  • Cost/Utilization/Claiming trends
  • Administrator Services
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Future drug plan usage
  • Disability profiling
  • Association Programs
  • the BIG COMPANY advantage™
  • Health/Wellness/Drug Benefit Programs
  • People Connect: Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • People Advantage: Preferred Provider Network
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Drug Benefits and Education Programs
  • Outcomes Evaluations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Funding Analysis
  • Formulating Benefit Strategies within Unionized Environments
  • Third Party Administration Services
  • Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan design
  • Flexible Benefit Strategies and Development
  • Benefit Communication Strategies
  • Long-Term Strategic Benefit Planning
  • Multinational Pooling Arrangements

Pension Consulting


The Benefit Partners Pension Team has decades of experience providing exceptional Consulting Services to organizations interested in setting up new plans, as well as providing guidance to our clients while we assist them to maintain their ongoing plans. We currently have long standing client mandates ranging from 5 to 2,000 members, both in Ontario and nationwide. Services included with pension consulting include:

  • Review and audit of existing programs
  • Consultation in plan design
  • Analysis of record keeper, administrator, and investment managers
  • Recordkeeping and administration system searches
  • Investment manager searches
  • Consultation regarding manager selection, investment policy, and asset allocation
  • Investment portfolio performance analysis and monitoring
  • Individual Pension Plan design, execution and ongoing management
  • Plan Governance
  • Organization of, participation in, educating and reporting to pension committees
  • Assistance with regulatory documentation
  • Periodic review and reporting on all plan particulars
  • Ongoing plan management
  • Communication
  • Regular plan member group communication sessions
  • Lunch "n" Learn sessions
  • Personal employee consultations both via telephone or in person
  • Regular member newsletter series
  • Member Services
  • Risk tolerance measurement
  • Individual pension forecasting
  • Plan member investment advisory services
  • Retirement benefit design and settlement
  • Individual risk tolerance testing and asset allocation
  • Retirement planning and retirement services

Executive Compensation and Wealth Management


We have a team of highly trained and accredited financial professionals to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Readily available as part of your group retirement plan, or a stand-alone service – we help with:

  • Executive Compensation
    • Services to high-net-worth clients and senior executives that focus on protection, growth and transfer of wealth and income
    • Strategies to attract, retain and motivate talented individuals in a highly competitive business environment
    • Strategies to manage risk for the owner/senior executive and their families in both a cost and tax effective manner
    • A total compensation approach that looks at all sources (base compensation, mid-term, and long-term incentives, plus the value of pensions, benefits, and many other perks)
    • Protection of assets (Corporate and Individual) using innovative and enhanced insurance solutions
    • Protection of income using tax-effective disability income (DI) solutions
    • Protection of health and security of lifestyle through the use of critical illness (CI) insurance and/or Long Term Care (LTC) options
    • Enhancing retirement options using Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) such as Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) and Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs)

  • Wealth Management
    • Helping in the transition to retirement
    • Financial analysis
    • Investment Planning and Portfolio Management for Individuals and Families
    • Budgeting and Saving
    • Government Pension Benefits (Old Age Security (OAS) and Canadian Pension Plan (CPP))
    • Tax Planning
    • Individual financial consulting in regard to estate succession

Insurance Planning


To provide all corporate and individual clients with unbiased and personalized financial advice, solutions, and services that will enable them to achieve their individual goals and ensure financial independence and retirement security. We search the market to find the best solution to meet the needs of each client in:

  • Business Insurance Services
    • Tax deferred savings plans
    • Buy-sell insurance
    • Key man insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Critical illness insurance

  • Individual Insurance Services

Personal Insurance Solutions


We offer a wide variety of personal insurance solutions including:

People Connect: Mental Health


We are pleased to partner with People Corporation to provide People Connect: Mental Health.

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