What is The BIG COMPANY Advantage?

The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ helps you save significant money on your benefits plan by getting insurance companies to treat you like a big company.

This advanced program offers qualified prospective clients a free 60-minute starter session, where we review your current situation, clarify your goals, and initiate the development of your big company strategy.

The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ is designed specifically for companies that are strategically minded, relationship-oriented, open to new ideas, and willing to take the time to develop a proper strategy. If your company fits this description and are interested in discovering if our advanced program is a good fit, contact us today.

Stop thinking small

The advanced program, developed by numerous highly experienced consultants, helps companies that get into trouble when they do not take the time to develop a strategy for their benefits plan. Instead of simply putting the plan out for tender each year and looking for the cheapest premium possible, you get a long-term strategy that saves you time, money, and achieves your goals.

When the insurance companies don't invest any more than the minimum amount of effort or attention possible and only provide off-the-rack services and pricing, we call this the Small Company Syndrome.

That's why we recommend you do three things:

Get a carrier to treat you like a big company

Employ big company strategies to decrease claims

Take the time to develop a long-term plan of action to implement these strategies

*Companies that implement these strategies save 10 to 25 percent of their benefits plan costs.


Director of HR

"The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ has given our company the resources it needs to have leverage with our insurer. Never before have we been in such a position."

VP Finance

"Not only have we saved time and money on our benefits plan, we have realized that The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ allows us to achieve our benefit plan goals for the long term as well!"

What is small company syndrome?

Firms suffering from the Small Company Syndrome have 3 things wrong with their employee benefits program:

1) They are wasting time.

  • To get lower rates, small companies spend a lot of time tendering their benefits program
  • Confusion is created using multiple advisors tendering multiple RFPs, Time is wasted resolving transfer issues
  • Small companies endlessly create new relationships with new suppliers
  • Too much time is spent managing the benefit plan, rather than running the company
  • Small companies are unable to delegate the administrative activities

2) They are losing money.

  • Small companies typically pay higher rates for their insurance
  • They are forced to buy insurance retail, Inability to buy at a high volume
  • Small companies have no clout or leverage with the insurance companies
  • Human resources are spent on non-value added work related to their benefits plan
  • Small companies do not understand what are driving their costs
  • Costly plan design changes are undertaken that do not have the desired effects
  • Facts that negatively impact the cost of the benefits plan are not measured
  • An under-performing benefits plan causes the small company to lose employees, which costs the company money
3) They are not achieving their goals.
  • The small company has no clear goals for their benefits plan
  • There is no strategic plan that links their benefit plan to their corporate objectives
  • They are not using big company strategies to improve their benefits plan
  • Time and money spent on their benefits plan takes time and money away from running the other aspects of business
  • Small companies do not have a strategic specialist assisting with their benefits plan

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